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A new way to live in Puerto Rico

Welcome to Freewind Energy: the first manufacturer of Wind Generators in Puerto Rico. We're committed to bringing energy solutions to those who need it most!  We invite you to scroll down and learn how our products can help make your life on the Isla del Encanto that much more enjoyable.

1. Reliability

Take control of your own energy

Blackouts are an unfortunate part of life in the Caribbean: they interrupt your business, destroy equipment, and lower your quality of life. By providing clean and reliable energy, Freewind can help make these a thing of the past. Our Battery Management System will allow you to monitor your energy from generation all the way through usage.  This will help you keep your home or business running smoothly without interruptions from storms or hurricanes.

2. Quiet

Save your business money

With the extravagantly high prices of energy in the Caribbean, investing in a system with a free and renewable fuel source results in huge savings over time. In high usage cases, our systems can pay for themselves in less than two years.  Further incentives, both federal and local, are available to make our systems even more affordable. Ask us how you can qualify!

3. Diversification

Diversify your energy supply

Diversifying your supply chain is a major factor in reducing risk to your business. So why would you rely on a single energy source to power it? Our Battery Management System allows you the flexibility to utilize any fuel source; (Solar, Wind, Diesel, Grid-tie, etc) and deliver it continuously without interruption.

Our Products


Vertigo SRG

This is our flagship Wind Generator. The lack of friction within the generator allows for an industry-leading cut-in speed of .5m/s and very low O&M costs.

Rated Power

Available 2.5 - 50 KW

Size (Rotor Diameter) x Blade Height)

(2m-5m) x (2m - 6m)


48v - 480v (inverter dependent)

Noise Level

>32 dB


Permanent Magnet

2. BMS

Smart E-Storage

Our battery storage solutions offer you the flexibility to configure your energy system to suit your needs.


up to 1 MW


custom up to 40' container


48v - 480v (inverter dependent)

Life Cycle

up to 10,000 cycles (25 years)

Operating Temperature

Between -45C and +85C

3. Solar

Solar Panels

We encourage our clients to include Solar Panels in their energy systems for diversity of generation. We use the most advanced panels on the market sourced from Prague.

Rated Power

450 WP

Rated Voltage

Inverter Dependent


2094 x 1038 x 35 mm

Panel Type



12 months


Container Based Renewable Power Plant

Combine all three clean power sources (Sun, Wind, and Ethanol) for efficient and redundant power systems.

Container Size

20 ft

Wind Turbine


Solar Panels

Up to 10 KW


Up to 1 MW


Varies by Size

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Freewind Energy, Puerto Rico, USA


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